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6 years ago

Ready API 2.7.0 does not responds

Ready API is freezing as soon as it opens i am clicking to import project and nothing is happening.   log file.   11:51:01,212 ERROR [SoapUI] An error occurred [JavaFX does not respond], see ...
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    5 years ago

    Solution found by my self in mean time. 

    Just start the Ready API, wait until this error is visible. So try to load something.. 

    Then use Exit without saving.

    After is closed, you can open the ReadAPI again, from now open dialog works. It is reaaaaaallly slow, but it works. 


    It was possible that helped clean up all LOG files (bigger than 5 GB) form user data.. :-) Nobody knows. 

    I am unable to reproduce the issue again. 

    ReadyAPI is not stable, but thanks to auto saves I can militly work. So GOOD.. 


    I am not happy.. Suport team and his reaction is tooo slow..