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3 years ago

Question on Valid HTTP Status Codes Assertion (Deprecated)

Hello , 

Need some clarification on Valid HTTP status codes assertion deprecating , here is the link in Ready API documents.


Presently updated to 3.20.1 , it latest version.

While adding Rest Request  , I still observe Valid Https status code as assertion there by default. So please clarify , how it is deprecated, I know there is support for awhile but we should not be given option to add new ones ? 


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      SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

      Thanks a lot, Matt!

      Hellotest does this answer your question? Please let the community know!


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        Thanks Matt and Sonya.

        But my question is when we know HTTP Status code assertion is going to get deprecated then why is check box enabled by default when we are adding new requests.

        Each time do I have to uncheck it before adding new Request ?