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2 years ago

PUT request works in POSTMAN but in ReadyAPI it thows "500 server error"

Hi mates,

I am struggling with some weird issue.

When try to hit PUT request it works well in postman but it throws 500 server error in Ready API(3.41.1).

End point:

Resource: /api/validate/update/00676123

Content-Type: application/json

Header passed: client_id and client_secret.


When I send the same thing in ReadyAPI it is throwing me "500 server error". I have automated many GET and POST REST APIs, never faced any such kind of issue. I am trying PUT for the fist time in ReadyAPI.


Appreciate any help.


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    Also check if Postman is sending any Cookies with the request. Best way i can think to detect this kind of problem is using charles web debugging proxy ( with postman and readyAPI and then compare the requests sent through the proxy.



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    check your JSON request if there are special (invisible) characters.


    Once my colleague sent me test data via Teams, it took some time to realize the issue.


    Some API clients remove such special characters; that's why it works with them.


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      Hey ravienu,

      Just a follow up to KarelHusa's good advice.
      If you do in fact have special chars (html encodes) in your payload, the Content-Type header needs to be x-www-form-urlencoded (or the multipart-form header) to support processing html encodes in your payload. Html encoding only works on the URI if the Content-Type header is application/json.

      Oh yeah, whenever i get problems where stuff works in Postman but not ReadyAPI!, the first thing i do is compare the full RAW content of both requests. Not always, but quite often, the problem is a difference between the headers being submitted between the Postman request and the ReadyAPI! request. You can use a traffic sniffer (like Fiddler) or just manually compare from each app instead.