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8 years ago

Proxy activation URL destinations

We are trying to activate SoapUI Pro by the proxy. Our Networks team have asked for list of destinations the software attempts to reach, URL and such.

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    While unable to help with URLs I just wanted to point out that when attempting to online activate ReadyAPI via a proxy, if proxy authentication is required only basic authentication is supported, if you can't provide basic authentication for your proxy, you will get a generic connection refused error message returned to the GUI, (I would of hoped the "407 Proxy Authentication Required" or similar would of been displayed).


    I mention this because we wasted a lot of time attempting to work out why we couldn't get online activation to work (our proxy insists on NTLM authentication only).


    This issue was raised and confirmed by SmartBear and the enhancement request to add NTLM authentication for activation is API-3630, While this issue was raised against an older version of Ready API than the current 1.9 I have been keeping an eye on the release notes, and have not yet seen it implemented.

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      Hi, We are unable to get online activation to work. We have an authenticating proxy, which accepts basic authentication, however could not figure out a way to provide authentication to the java process. Tried the below, but failed with connection timed out message


      java -Dhttps.proxyPort=8080 -Dhttps.proxyUser=jenkins -Dhttps.proxyPassword=password -jar ready-api-license-manager-1.2.5.jar -f license_file


      Please could you elaborate on how to provide basic proxy authentication credentials while trying to activate SoapUI license?

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        We never got our on-line activation working via basic authentication, our proxy in a corporate environment only accepts NTLM authentication. We have to rely on off-line activation (still waiting for API-3630 to be implemented).


        I would recommend raising a support request, see if SmartBear can provide an answer: