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3 years ago

Properties - Minimized Name Column

When in Ready API using a Property test step:


When I click on my property test step and then expand the "Customer Properties Test Step Properties" section, I get the name column minimized and the value column maximized.  See attached screenshot


Is there a way to fix this so I don't have to keep adjusting it every time I use it?

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    Hey khanchett 



    what version are you using?  I'm running v3.20.0 - the columns in my Custom Properties on my Properties test step automatically centralises if I restart ReadyAPI after altering the column widths....


    Is the behaviour you are seeing:-


    for all Properties test steps in same project?

    for all Properties test steps in multiple projects?





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      I'm on the 3.20.0 version.  I see this across multiple projects.  Seems to happen sporadically between test steps.


      So I think I figured it out.  We clone a test suite from another project that we rarely update/save.  When doing this the properties being minimized would move with it.  I've save the original project we are cloning from to see if that rectifies the issue we are seeing. I'll post again if it happens again and I can recreate it.


      What we were seeing prior to the 3.20.0 update:

      for all Properties test steps in same project? yes

      for all Properties test steps in multiple projects? yes


      Hopefully this helps anyone else experiencing the same thing.  

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        Just wanted to update that this is still happening on the original project that I save with the columns expanded.  After yesterday I was updating these test suites and again on the properties step in the Custom Properties Test Step Properties I am still seeing the same thing.  (See screenshot attached screen1.jpg, screen2.jpg)


        It seems if you play with going back and forth between the PropertiesStep Properties and the Custom Properties Test Step Properties using the +/- that it will start to do it.  It's random but possible to recreate in a few min.