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4 years ago

Please help with importing WSDL and XSD's

Hi, I am a first time SoapUI user and could really use some help to get me started on the right path. My goal is to make a first connection to a Soap API so I can test if the credentials that I recei...
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    4 years ago

    hey darreck 


    I'm a little confused.  I had a look at the .zip files you attached.


    Firstly I noticed the .wsdl .zip archives had lots of .wsdls and the .xsd .zip archive had lots of .xsds.


    I noticed that your .wsdl files uses the embedded inline approach for schema definition - so the SOAP messages that are defined in your .wsdl have all their schema definitions contained within the .wsdl file.


    schemas are used to validate the content of an .xml - so typically your SOAP webservice (defined by the .wsdl) woudl validate the content and formatting of a request once it is received by the listening webservice.  With this in mind, I don't understand why you are trying to add in the .xsd files - as far as I'm understanding there's no added value in adding in those .xsd files anyway - but even then - if you are trying to submit a request to a webservice - your requests will be passed via the schema when its consumed by the webservice and so theres just no upside to adding in the schema files - which you cant add to a testsuite anyway.  your testsuite includes SOAP/XML request payloads - but you wouldn't add in a schema into your testsuite.


    I dont know if I'm just misunderstanding what you're after - can you clarify?


    In summary - with my current understanding of your situation - if you create a new project from the .wsdl, then create some SOAP requests within a testcase sourcing the SOAP definition from the .wsdl - you'll be able to submit the request and get a response back wihtout any trouble.


    Am I just not understanding the problem?