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5 years ago

Performance issue for loading large of test suites / test cases in ReadyAPI

Hi Team,


Are you aware of performance issue when ReadyAPI (or SoapUI) to load large amount of test suites / test cases?

For now, I met such issue when including 20 test suties / 5000+ test cases under project. It's very slow to open project and memory will be occupied reach out to 5G. I have to close ReadyAPI and reopen.


And some other issues:

  1. 1. Very slow to enquiry
  2. 2. Very slow to move up / move down for test case sequence
  3. 3. Take up large memory after ReadyAPI running a period of time

version: ReadyAPI Pro 2.4





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    Hey aaronpliu,

    Have a look at the following link regarding optimizing memory management in readyapi!

    I think the only thing that does get mentioned is ensuring only a single project enabled in your workspace at any one time, bit it pretty much covers off what you can do.

    The other option is when your actually execute to run in headless mode, but that'll only impact during execution.


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    Mean while divide the project into  logical / relevant suites in different projects which might improve the current situation .

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    I've ran into similar issues and have had to break my projects that get that large into smaller projects. Usually that's a good idea anyways because it gets really hard to track that many test suites or test cases. What does that project cover? Can it be parsed into smaller, more cohesive projects?

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      I also faced similar issue which was around 200MB so what i did was removing all the physical documents(pdfs generally) and providing the dynamic path of those pdf which reduces the size of my project to around 50+MB and that works fine to me.


      You can try this too if having any pdf or any file associated with requests.