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10 years ago

OAuth 2 get token - redirect URL

Hi !

I try to get a token from my STS (which is Authorization Server by Thinktecture) to test against a ASP.NET MVC WEB API. I have all the values (endpoints, client ID, client secret, etc.) but one. What would be the redirect URL to use for your OAuth 2 Get Token method to work ? Maybe I’m missing something here, but I have no clue !

Note that when I get the token with a test client and copy / paste it in the box, it works. It’s just the Get Token Window that is not working. I get the login screen and the grant screen too, but the redirect has to point somewhere and I have no idea where.

Thanks !

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    I believe you opened a support ticket for this? Am I correct?

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      Looking for the same information.  Specifically, what is the valid redirect url that will properly route the response back to SoapUi NG?

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        OK this is how it is fixed ...


        It is really nothing to do with Ready-API nor Soap-UI.


        On your authentication server there is a so-called "client profile" which has a redirect URL field, and that field can contain anything, but whatever the field contains it needs to be identical to whatever you put in the Oauth2.0 token request screen of Soap-UI.


        At first this did not work for me because there was something set improperly elsewhere on the server.


        So I had to do a real time session on voice with the system administrator, where I sent multiple Oauth 2.0 requests and he looked at the error messages in the logs on the server, and eventually he was able to figure out the incorrect settings.  I do not know the specifics of what he did.


        Your mileage may vary.


        Good luck in your quest !  It took me several weeks before we got to the the root cause of the problem.