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5 years ago

NTLM Popup when project is re-open



I encrypted the project and added the password. I have an issue when opening the Ready API project everytime. Does this is expected behaviour?  It there any way it can windows authentication? 



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    Hi Rama16 


    I've just encrypted one of my projects just and I don't get that NTLM prompt (as per your screenshot) - I simply get a password prompt when ReadyAPI! (as below) - what was the mechanism you used to encrypt your project....are you sure you actually encrypted the project rather than just applied the NTLM/Kerberos authentication on your test steps?  I wouldn't expect the NTLM/Kerberos authentication prompt - your screenshot looks like the authentication/authorization profile on a specific REST/SOAP/HTTP test step............


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      Hi richie ,


      Did you add NTLM Authentication to all the services? I do not have an issue with encryption. Issue is related to NTLM popup when opening the project. Do I need to NTLM credentials when everytime project is re-open? How NTLM credentials are stored in the project?