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12 months ago

NTLM authentication resulting in 400 Bad Request Error

Hi All,

Am having a GET request which uses NTLM as Authentication (WWW-Authenticate: NTLM ).

To test this request from ReadyAPI, I used the Authorization profile NTLM in the request and add a header 'Authorization: NTLM' to the request. But when the request is trigger from ReadyAPI am getting 400 Bad request error.

Could you please help me in understanding the issue here.

PFB the request screenshot


if  the header Authorization: NTLM is removed from the request then its giving a 401 error even when the authorization profile selected is NTLM

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    Reading the sequence, it looks like you have correctly configured the authentication side of things, but the request itself badly or poorly formed. Without knowing the API, I cannot try and see why other than api is defined twice in the path.  E.g. /api/api/