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6 years ago

Not able to view/Edit JDBC request


lately i have updated to ReadyAPI v.2.7.0 and for some reason i cant load/view/edit existing project JDBS request's,

click on play is running the requests but i dont have the ability to access the test step qnd to work on it,

i tried to uninstall and install from fresh but it didnt helped :-( 

any suggestion?



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    Hi bench,

    Can you provide a bit more information as to exactly what happens when you try and access and edit the test steps?
    It appears to me that v2.7.0 seems to display a lot of similar erroneous behaviour when nothing visible appears to happen when attempting to access certain functionality. I've noticed issues launching my Preferences, Get Data in certain situations, attempting to browse to files (via Datasource step, adding properties files, etc.)

    When you attempt to access the JDBC step, are you seeing anything in the logging? I see errors being reported when i see this dodgy behaviour.


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      Hi all,


      Than you for having a look, richie!


      bench, if you have found a solution, could you please share it with us? Otherwise, please send the information that Rich requested. Thank you in advance.


      Community, has anyone faced similar behavior?