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8 years ago

New Swagger Training with live exercises and labs - get the most out of using Swagger and SwaggerHub

Hey SoapUI NG Pro Community! We have a new exciting training resources available for anyone interested in Swagger Training.  In this new remote training class you will walk away with a solid understanding of the specification and use it to modify, develop, package and govern APIs.


Class size is of 5 or more individuals offered 5 days each month for 8 hours a class. Our experienced instructor will lead you through an overview of Swagger with live exercises and labs, a deep dive into numerous roles, and an optional certification exam at completion of the class. We also offer remote or onsite classes for entire companies.

Go here to learn more:


  • Hands on examination of the Swagger / OpenAPI specification.
  • Creating Swagger/OpenAPI documents via Swagger Editor and Third party solutions.
  • Overview of SwaggerHub collaboration, versioning and code generation features.
  • Detailed walkthrough of API development using top-down and bottom-up approaches via Swagger/OpenAPI documents.
  • Creation of API Testing using Swagger/OpenAPI documents.
  • Integration of Swagger into CI pipeline.
  • Generation of API Proxies inside AWS Gateway and WSO2 API Manager using Swagger/OpenAPI documents.

Go directly to our shopping cart to secure your seat in our August or September sessions!

  • Any questions about the training please contact me at  Thanks!

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    SmartBear Alumni (Retired)

    Any questions about the training please contact me at  Thanks!