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6 years ago

Need help re-using a response item in other tests

I'm a new user that has been tasked with learning SoapUI Pro (ReadyAPI) to test our REST API.   We have used tools like Postman and Telerik to set variables that can be easily reused elsewhere, a...
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    6 years ago

    Ok, I think I have actually found a solution.


    To be clear, documentation on property transfer is outdated and not easy for the inexperienced user to make use of it. It seems intentionally complex when it could be a simplier process.


    I was able to use the property tranfser to get this working, but it took a lot of trial and error, and probably could be done better.


    For those that might stumble on this question looking for an answer for ReadyAPI:

    In the section of my project I right clicked > Add Step > Properties

    Green plus sign in the top left and added a name i.e. - UseToken

    In the request I right clicked on the token value Transfer To > then in the lower box look for the property and name you just created, click on it


    Then in my GET call I created a header:

    Authorization - Bearer ${#[Project Name#Get Token#Access_Token]#UseToken}


    Which then worked to complete the request