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9 years ago

Mtom enable + signiture = problem

Hi ,

I have an mtom web service (data plus attachment).

WhenI sign the request  ( with Mtom NOT enabled) with sha1 certificate certificate works (ws fails later due to attachment not being mtom). When I enable Mtom I get the following error ( from Layer7 appliance):  Request WSS processing failed: Signature not valid. null
    Element #id-FF416124706A221E28145381632108039: Digest value mismatch: calculated: CcL4c1qcfzYWTyQipfSLlSVZ0sw=


Again all non MTOM webservices work and this one works till Mtom enabled = true is set.


All help or ideas greatly appreciated ( tested with same results in soapui 5.00 and 5.2.1 as well as newest paid version)




Help? Ideas?



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      Hi Tanya!


      Do you have any updates on this? We recently hit the exact same problem, and couldn't find any solutions to it.


      Did this turn out to be a bug, or is some configuration related issue?


      Thanks for your help in advance!