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3 years ago

Move Rest Resource or Rest Methods to different resources

I am trying to rearrange my API rest methods and resources. Is there an easy way to move them around so my links from test steps remain intact? I don't want to reassign from the test step.

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    Hey StephenOrion 


    I tried playing around with this a couple of years ago and I didn't find a way to do it that didnt break the link to the associated test steps meaning I had to recreate them in the test.  Things may have changed since, but I don't think so.


    I think the reason it doesnt work without requiring to recreate the teststep link is cos the request in the API (service) can be considered the parent record and the teststep the child. (or at least thats the way I perceive them).  If you do manage to alter the parent record, this breaks the link to child record - so it kinda makes sense that it would break the associated test step link.


    Sorry I cant be of more help!