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9 years ago

Message content assertion: null, cannot rename test steps


my team is currently encountering a problem with SoapUI NG which cause it to be really hard to use, so I was hopping you could provide some help. I tried to get as much data as possible below, but don't hesitate to ask if I can provide any extra information.


SoapUI NG version: 1.2.2

Environment: Windows 7 / 64 bits. Reproducible on multiple different hosts.



  • When executing a Test Suite, message content assertions fails with error message "null".
  • Test steps cannot be renamed. Trying to rename them will cause them to keep their current name, without any error message


How to reproduce:

  • In an existing Test Case with multiple Test Steps, add a new step
  • Move this new step around, for example by pressing CTRL+UP a couple time
  • [optional] Disable this new step
  • Try to run the Test Suite. all Message Content Assertions will fail. Other assertions seems to work properly (e.g. Script Assertion, JSONPath Count Match, JSONPath Match).

Note that sometime this bug will also trigger without moving test steps around - but in this case we couldn't find a way to reproduce it at will. With the steps described above, it triggers systematically.



  • Restart Ready!API



  • Dozen times a day :-(
  • Just a message to let anyone following this topic know that it was indeed fixed with release 1.4, which is now available :).

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      Here's an update in case anyone else is impacted by this issue: the developers were able to reproduce it, and found out that it existed at least since SoapUI PRO 5.1.2. It will be fixed in one of the next versions.


      Once again Jeshtha, thanks for your help!

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        Yeah, this extremely annoying bug has been around since at least 2013 but probably longer and was denied/ignored back then. They should release a patch for the 1.2 version since 1.3 contains serious mem leaks and is unusable for that reason (of course, that issue is also being denied/ignored) and come to think of it, fix the whole UI so it stops crashing every 10 minutes.


        The whole idea of having a project file in XML is wrong and the fact that SoapUI corrupts it every now and then is downright frustrating. Clone a test step, restart the application and your message content assertions are all null! Seriously???