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4 years ago

Match Input Wrapper Element with Operation name in Soap 1.1 Request to Virtual Service

I am trying to mock an external SOAP WebService that I have no control over. The specs are Soap 1.1 with an empty soapAction HTTP header and a generic URL. There are 13 operations under the URL and wsdl. Their system matches the input wrapper element right after the SOAP Body element. The input wrapper element is the same name as the operation in the wsdl. I've searched days and have found no answers on how I can map the incoming request to the operation that was built in ReadyAPI's virtual service. It seems you can only dispatch incoming request to either a specific URL per operation or the soap action.

I've been looking at the OnRequest Script, which is run before going to the request dispatch, which routes to the correct request operation. I can parse the soap body and get the operation name from the input wrapper element. After that I have found no solution in finding a way to know call the correct operation. I keep getting a HTTP ERROR 500 Failed to dispatch request when submitting the soap request to the virtual service. Does anyone know how I can correctly dispatch the incoming messages to the correct operation in the request? I have not found a way to set the operation name, etc.

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    This question has been asked in support case 00468291.  I will give you an update in the support case.




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      I would appreciate it if any of thread participants update with the result if any...


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        Right now a defect was opened and have not heard of anymore new information.