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3 years ago

Malformed URI: /api/adi/users/auth0|5432f06ae45435200defrs/idenies in SOAP UI 5.4.0


I'm using SOAP UI 5.4.0 and encountered "Malformed URI: /api/adi/users/auth0|5432f06ae4605435200defrs/identities" on submitting SOAP UI request that has pipeline (Auth0|xxxxxxxx) in the parameter. Applied encoding (UTF-8) but that did not resolve the issue.


Appreciate if I get some guidance in this regard.


Snapshot for reference.




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    Hey Bigonquality 



    OK - first thing regarding security - you don't have to blank out the URI portion when posting info to the forum.  From a security perspective the only thing you need to obfuscate is the domain/host details and the authentication details - without BOTH of these some nefarious person cannot access your system via the endpoint - so what I mean is - you can show the FULL URI - you just cant show the host details (so you cant show the full URL, just the full URI) - so no need to blank out the URI in the image you posted.


    Next - when I originally saw your URI with the vertical bar character '|' I thought perhaps it was a percent encoding issue - however percent encoding doesnt encode a vertical bar anyway - it's a literal instead.


    Then I noticed the payload of the response - you get a 400 - but your developers have coded a 400 response when the URI submitted appears to be malformed (not as expected).


    Maybe the other forum users may spot something - but I don't think (with the info we have at this point) that the issue is something we're gonna be able to work out - I suspect the URI doesn't match the requirement - essentially cos you're getting a custom error message response indicating there's a problem with the URI. 


    So - I think at this point if I were you, I'd go back and check the requirement (wherever the semantics are defined - so either some sort of Interface/Internal Design spec, low level design doc or if you are using OAS/Swagger (but not schemas as they dont include semantics).


    I think there's a mismatch between what the endpoint is expecting and what you are publishing.


    If you have any info to contradict this - great......can you please post and we can take a look at it - but for now - I'd double check what the URI is supposed to be defined as and go from there.


    Oh - I'd also check you have all the correct header parms - you don't look like you have many - which may be as 'required' - but quite often you see a couple more - so I'd double check this too!





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      Hi Please find an updated snapshot and appreciate any guidance short and crisp :).





      [image: image.png]