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5 years ago

LoadUI agent ssl configuration, incorrect jks files passed to agents


I can't configure  LoadUI Agents to make them use  proper keystores (contained within jks files) for the ssl connection. I cannot see this subject explained well anywehere.  I saw couple of posts here similar to this but mostly without answer and quite old.


I start LoadUI agent via exe file on agent machines (running Windows). On the parent machine ssl are configured under menu File / Preferences / SSL where I set paths for KeyStore, Virtual service keystore and virtual service trust store.


I start scenario to be run on agents from the "parent" using ReadyApi and the 'play' green button;


What happens on the agents machine is that:
- in the %HomePath%\.readyapi\loadui\agent-projects the xml with project file is being loaded
- in the %HomePath%\.readyapi\loadui\agent-projects the folder is created that has a name that euqals to id of underlying soapui project; in this folder I see an empty jks file.


Lack of correct jks on agents is causing ssl handshake error. When I put manually the jks file into the above direcotry, the agents can perform the handshake correctly;

1. What can be the reason that the jks files are not send correctly from "parent" to agents?
2. If above cannot be answered, how to setup agents to tell them where the correct jks files are placed (locally on the agent machine)? 



Agent version 2.4.0,  ReadyAPI 2.4.0



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