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5 years ago

LOADUI - Share same Datasource "pointer" between scenarios


I have a load UI test which contains several scenarios. These scenarios are all pointing to the same SoapUI test case.
The scenarios start according to the scheduler. (So all scenarios are in the same LoadUI Test)

The SoapUI test case is simple: it is reading a data source and doing a soap call.


Here is my question :
The first scenario in loadUI will execute the SoapUI test, so it will loop the data source. (Let's say it stops on line 50).

Is it possible that the second scenario just below continues on the same line? (Like a "shared data source")
Because currently, when the second scenario start, the datasource starts again at the "start row" number defined in the datasource property, and not at the row from the previous scenarios.


Do you have any idea? I can provide more details :smileyhappy:

Thank you !

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