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7 years ago

load test with 30 threads for 60 seconds with a Test case that contains 10 record

If I am running a load test with 30 threads for 60 seconds for a test case that has 10 records , what will be the number of service calls for this test

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    Thank you for posting to our Community Forum. 


    The number of calls to a service in the indicate load test scenario depends on a couple of things:

    1. The average response time of each webservice call in the Test Case
    2. The configuration of the Data Source under the "Load Test" Option

    To expand on the second point, a Data Source can be used in two different ways. Each row of a file can be allocated to a single virtual user (this is known as a shared Data Source) or each virtual user iterates through every row. The second option would potentially lead to more API calls in the load test duration.


    Here is our documentation on the Data Source Options:


    Sorry that I cannot provide a more precise answer with the provided information. Hopefully it will provide a good start in your analysis.


    Have a great day!