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17 years ago

license questions

I had a few licenses that I gave to some co-workers. now some of them have left or some of them no longer use it. When they install the license, does soapUI send the registration information to you ? I basically don't want to re-use the same license for another machine and would like to how many are being used.



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  • Hi!

    soapUI does not check the users or send any messages to a server basically because it's a trust/privacy issue that we prefer stying away from for now. We might implement one of those mechanisms in the future, but not now, we really like to trust our customers and feel that it can be intrusive.

    Unfortunately we can not help you with the issue of knowing how many are being used, but we trust you completely Ali.

    What we can help you with however, is resending the licenses or changing the support accounts at any time. Just ask and it will be done . The license is not tied to any machine, but rather a user at a company, and if that user leaves the company the license is transferable.