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13 years ago

License mangles high ASCII


I have a name with "ö" in (that is an "o" with two dots above) but after I applied for the SoapUI Pro trial license that got converted into "ö" (rather odd, you'll agree). The license works allright but I have to say that it is not particularly aesthetically pleasing to see my name mangled like that everytime I open SoapUI.

Is there a way to get the license to display high ASCII correctly or should I opt for an umlaout free transcription of my name when it is time to order the full license?


Karl-König, sorry I mean Karl-König

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    I created a temporary Pro license and it's working fine:

    However, when I tried myself registering for a Trial license on the web form I got this:

    So it seems that the Trial license form serves the license generator with the wrong text encoding. I will report this as a bug.

    Thanks for notifying us!

    SmartBear Software

    PS. This shouldn't be an issue for you when purchasing Pro, and if it turns out to be, we will fix it for you.