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6 years ago

Keep getting Warning More than 80% of the Java heap memory is being used.

Keep seeing the following message when the test reads JMS message: 

  • Thu Nov 29 10:21:00 MST 2018: WARN: More than 80% of the Java heap memory is being used. It is recommended that you increase the value of the VM option -Xmx or -XX:MaxHeapSize in the file ReadyAPI.vmoptions

I have updated vmoptions file with the following 



After updating the file and restarting Ready API i still have the same issue 

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    ReadyAPI can and will consume a LOT of memory. I have mine set to use 24GB of RAM and still see this error. I have yet to find a solution outside of:


    1. Restart ReadyAPI often.
    2. Only keep open the projects you need to.
    3. Set preferences to close projects on start.
    4. Use a groovy script that runs "System.gc()" to try to force ReadyAPI to garbage collect.
    5. Deleting the contents of the .readyapi\logs folder



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      Hi all,


      Thank you, groovyguy, I love the list of the tips, they are really useful!


      nmowbray, did you have a chance to try the above steps? Does this work for you? If so, could you please mark the reply with the steps as a Solution so that other users could easily find it in the future?

      Otherwise, if the error persists, our support engineers also suggest that you try disabling unused tools:
      1. Create a text file with the "disabled-tools.txt" name and the following content:
      - ServiceVirtualizationModule
      - LoadUINGModule
      - SecurityModule
      2. Put this file into the C:\Users\<User>\.readyapi folder.
      3. Restart R!API.


      We are looking forward to hearing from you!


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      After doing the steps groovyguy suggested I am still getting the same warning