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5 years ago

Jenkins: "License Not Found" Issue

Hi,   I have been using ready api for rest api testing. I have a huge composite project built which contains around 40 test suites. I did use tagging mechanism to I can group couple of test cases...
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    5 years ago
    Hey chanukya,

    I'm answering this cos no one's answeded this yet, but im not very knowledgeable with jenkins setup, but i'm aware the user you're using to run readyapi! should be the same user used for local jenkins (i've been present when other people have stumbled on this when setting up on their machines).
    I'm also aware that the fixed term license (rather than a floater) is a per machine, per user licensing pattern so if you created a second useraccount to run on your machine (either local or domain) and logged onto your machine with the new account the ReadyAPI! license wouldn't be valid and ReadyAPI! would shut down, so if your ReadyAPI! is successfully running on your local machine when you've logged into it, then the useraccount for jenkins should be that useraccount.

    In your comment you mention "i have a fixed license file given by my company but not any credentials to run or install soapui pro". You're not given credentials to run or install ReadyAPI!

    When your ReadyAPI! fixed term per machine, per user license is installed you don't tell Smartbear the credentials you use to run ReadyAPI!, i don't know for sure but id guess that either the user that is the logged on user when the license is installed is saved in the registry somewhere (so the software wont work for other users) or perhaps the licensing info is saved in registry in per user location (e.g. maybe HKEY_USERS\specific_user_guid).

    In summary....whatever the user you log onto your machine to run your local readyapi! Is the same useraccount needed for jenkins.

    Hope i've provided a little clarity!