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7 years ago

jenkins cannot find license server

14:40:13,205 DEBUG [LicenseManagerServiceImpl] Trying to initialize license for SoapUI NG 14:40:13,207 DEBUG [LicenseManagerServiceImpl] No license found for SoapUI NG I am getting the following...
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    7 years ago

    Working with support for past two weeks.

    finally we managed to get this resolved.

    Awesome Steven helped me

    The solution was to add environment variables in Jenkins to point to my profile.

    The issue was Jenkins running as local and license is under my profile.

    So they were on two different profiles and would always show exceptions when trying to check out the floating license.


    In case of floating licenses with one activation

    Note when running Jenkins CI ensure that you do not have READY API running

    otherwise you wont be able to check out the license.


    CC TanyaYatskovska