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13 years ago

Jave heap space out of memory error on project save

soapUI Version: 4.0.1
Build Date: 2011/09/14
Operating System: Windows Server 2008 32-bit
Computer: Intel 16 gigabytes of memory
Symptom: When attempting to save project, a popup dialog reports "Failed to save project [...] : java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

This is a very simple project with one mock service. It does use a complex Schema: the ACORD Property and Casualty Standard Schema which is quite involved. There is only one request and response. Request message is very small. I get out of memory errors when attempting to send requests to the mock service.

I noticed others have posted the same problem over the years, but I have not seen a resolution.

I would be glad to send you the project for debugging if you can explain the best way for me to do that.

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    can you try increasing the -Xmx????m memory setting in the .vmoptions file?
    Or, if you use .bat file to starting you should set -Xmx value in it, too.

    What value is it set to now?

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    Thank you for your prompt reply. I had experimented with the heap size specification before posting, but was unsure of the right values. The recommended size of 2048m does not work on Windows Server 2008 32 bit. However, after reading your reply, I tried various values. What worked is:


    as settings in the soapUI-Pro-4.0.1.vmoptions file. Apparently, the Java Virtual Machine on Windows Server 2008 32 bit wants the maximum heap space to be less than 1600m. The setting above is sufficient to support my project. I consider this issue resolved. Thanx again.