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3 years ago

Issue with ReadyAPI 3.20.1 hanging on Schema Validate

Recently upgraded to ReadyAPI 3.20.1 (from 2.3.0, yes I know, we were vastly out of date.) But we had to wait for our counterparts to be able to update so it could be done in tandem. With that said, everything was working fine with ReadyAPI 3.20.1 testing SOAP webservices using tests I already had developed.

Now that I am trying to build a new batch of tests, I've ran into an issue where if I oops on a test and leave a schema-invalid entry (say, a string of 33 characters where the max is 32) and right-click validate / alt-v on the request, ReadyAPI basically freezes. And it seems to freeze enough that my computer becomes almost unusable until I kill ReadyAPI process. This worked fine in 2.3.0, and I am not even sure why it'd be a problem.

Open to any thoughts or suggestions, this is going to be a huge hurdle to overcome!

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    Sorry to bump my own thread, but I'm not sure if anyone else has ran into this or not. It's made ReadyAPI 3.20.1 practically unusable. I've opened up a Support Ticket and will report in if we find anything.