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7 years ago

Is there a way to change the Junit report xml file name to something else

Ok I am using the following command to run tests using the test runner.

cmd.exe /C testrunner.bat "-sCourtesy Emails - DE" -r -J -fC:\TempSource\Results -o "-RJUnit-Style HTML Report" -F".xml, .html" -Edefault -I "C:\Users\rockstart\git\stuff-automated-tests\stuff-QA delivery tests.xml"

I see no way for me to override the report file name when looking at the command line options for the batch file.


For example Junit report that will be generated will be:


Is there any way to change this to some other name?


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    I am not aware of a way to set that report name. The command line arguments don't allow for it,. This may be worthy of a feature request.

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      groovyguy thats what I thought so got confirmation on what my thoughts were.

      Will give you kudos for that!


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    Alternatively you may add another command to rename the same in order to proceed.
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      nmrao, Thanks for you input,  that is  a workaround which I did implement to get around this problem.

      I have submitted ticket to support and it has been sent to devs.