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6 years ago

Is SoapUI is unable to import a project with an XML file that is very large?

I've recently created tests in SoapUI to test a service that can upload a file to a maximum of 50MB. I've cached these files so that the system won't look for them in my directories every time I run these tests. This obviously increased the xml file size (from 63,823KB to 638,826KB) but I thought SoapUI could handle it. The day after, SoapUI has a problem opening my workspace and lets me know if I want to create a new one. I say yes then attempt to import the project again and nothing happens. Is it because the xml file became too big? Does SoapUI have a import file cap?



  • No Error appears.
  • ReadyAPI acts as if no action was selected.
  • Have SoapUI Pro

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    I don't think I can help per se - but I'm intrigued - this'll probably require an answer by SmartBear.


    I suppose it depends what sort of XML parser ReadyAPI! uses - DOM vs SAX or variations there of.


    Did you check the resource usage via say taskmanager when you try and import the project?


    As I say - my comments have been no help at all - but to help diagnose I'd repeat the procedure and monitor taskmanager to check the resource usage.


    I did find the following link on this forum


    I think you might have to revert back to your previous approach to source the test data files from the directory - I'm assuming you cached the files to get around some latency of reading the test data files from the directory?




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      Thanks for the reply. I checked the task manager and when I attempt to import the project, ReadyAPI's CPU usage jumps to approximately 90% for about 2 seconds and then it comes back down to 0%. So it does attempt to import the project but then gives up I guess. I see on that link you provided that no one has yet to complain about the file size of project. I might have hit the limit of SoapUI with my case. 

      And you assumed correctly as to why I cache the files in the project. Reading a 50MB file off the directory will cause unnecessary latency. But in this case, it might not be recommended to cache such large files. :-/


      I have reverted back to a previous version of the project before I added the 50MB file tests and the project does import successfully. Hopefully Smartbear can help me with this issue. I would be happy if this helps Smartbear with project file size research.

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        I've ran into similar issues that when a project gets significantly large enough (usually 100MB or larger), that ReadyAPI takes awhile to open it. One way I've been able to get around this is to ensure that your memory settings in ReadyAPI are set large enough to handle said project. You can see a guide for adjusting memory settings here.


        I've allowed ReadyAPI to use a lot more memory which has helped me open 100-200MB project xml files. 

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    I'm on the road so I have no way of checking this but you might be able to do it. Since the project is an xml file you could delete the tags containing the cached file and then try to import the project once more and see what happens.

    If this is indeed a bug just open a ticket with SmartBear and they'll fix it asap depending on their issue prioritizing.