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8 years ago

Is it possible to add column headers to excel file for DataSink

Good afternoon all,


I'm using DataSink to excel to generate an input file for my application however I need the first row to contain column headers.

Can this be done natively?


I don't see an option to do it?


I tried adding an initial preceeding Data Sink teststep for the column headers however the subsequent datasink test step overwrites the whole file - So if someone knows how to configure an Excel Data Sink test step to append rather than overwrite that'll do the trick also.

Thanks in advance - Using SoapUI NG Pro FYI.


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    kenm: If you open the DataSink, there's an option to "Append to existing file" which will provide the functionality and behavior you are looking for.

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      Thx for the reply,


      I'm afraid that option isn't there for excel data sink. I've had to take an ugly workaround where I've two data sinks to a txt file (one for the headers and one for the content I want from data generator), I think have a data generator using that csv file as an input and then export that to Excel. It's an ugly workaround for something I'd hope would have been available in the product by default?