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4 years ago

Is it just me that feels the changes to assertion tab is just bad and not user friendly at all

So with 3.6 came some UI changes and sometimes i just wonder how people think when changing something.

Now after the changes this assertion tab takes up about 25-30% of the of the application space and where i normally have one or two assertions like SLA and HTTP STATUS means 80% of the allocated assertion tab space is always empty

This means that 20% of my screen is just empty space and there is no fast like double click to minimize or a button to minimize this so instead  i have to over and over again drag the tab to minimize the view so that i can actually see the request and/or payload where 90% of my work is done.

Is it just me that have issues with this or does everyone else love this change?

Picture below on how it looks for me by default

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    I agree. I always like to have my log tab open as well, which leaves me with even less screen size for the actual request and response windows.

    I had the same feeling when a previous UI change moved the "Send" request button to the right side of the screen. I feel that's too far out of the way of normal test case creation and not user friendly. 



    I would love to see improvements on the actual assertions default naming upon creation. Now when we create for instance a "Valid http status code check" we do not see WHAT is actually expected. I always update the assertions name to include then for instance "= 200".

    Or for a "Match content of [xyz]" assertion I would prefer it mentions the actual REST payload path and the expected result. Example: "Match content of $['abc']['xyz'] with ${#TestCase#yourExpectedResult}". That makes it a lot more clear what is exactly tested in the assertions.