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4 years ago

Is any way, how to switch all JDBC steps from MySQL to ORACLE ? on whole project at once?

Hello,  I was unable to found out a way, how to change on all my JDBC test steps the connection - I must go to one by one and change connection form drop box..  But my project is huge.. Now we have...
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    4 years ago

    Sorry I did not get your point.. This is a question?

    I can not change the driver in all the JDBC steps.. I must open step by step and chagne the driver in there..

    And this is my problem... 

    Missing "assign to all test steps" button or something.. Who will do this job for me.. 


    Work arround: Next time create all as a project propertie.. and there you can configure and re-configure all during run-time.. Nice.. but more than 50 project properties (what I have) is really messy..