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7 years ago

In a SoapUI NG response viewer, XML format, what does Alt-V Validate?

In SoapUI NG Pro, when looking at a response in the XML viewer, the right-click context menu shows a "Validate" option, with a keyboard alternative of Alt-V.  What does this do?  After some time searching and browsing the online documentation, I found some documentation of the XML Response panel, but there is no description of the right-click context menu popup or the functions these expose.  I'm especially interested in where SoapUI is getting the information to report that it expected before the end of the content an element which is not present.  The validation message is of the form:


line 5: Expected element 'sampleElement@' before the end of the content

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    This "Validate" feature ensures that the request and/or response (whichever pane you have open) is legitimate and correct when compared against the appropriate WSDL/Schema/etc. 

    So if you had a request that had an element that had to be an integer value, and put in 32, and validated, it should validate against the schema.

    If you instead put in 32A, since that is not an integer, the validate should return a schema validity error.

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    As mentioned above, validate is more useful for the request panel than the response.

    e.g. also validating the syntax of inline script or property expansion within the request.