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6 years ago

Improving logging when running API test in test complete

I have a project in soupui pro. I then execute this via text complete. It runs fine but I want to improve the logging as these runs will be audited. Below is a run example. In the additional information section at the bottom there is a 'Messages' section which is blank. I would like to add something to say what the expected result was and what the actual is even if it passes.

Can this be done? The script log that is generated from the run in SOAPUI would be perfect. Can this be done?

The FDA is very particular with this sort of thing and we need the result and log to be in the same place so easy for htem to read.


I have had a good look around but cant find any help or even if its possible?



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    Noone? Considering the integration between products I am surprised if its not possible.

    I have noticed in the additional Info window in test complete, after a run it shows the 'Script log' from soupUI pro.

    I can manually log info and have it display here but is also show other information. Given the screenshot below the script log is highlighted in yellow. Would it be possible so just this log info displays in the additional informaiton tab without all the other information above it ('SOUPUIPROTestCaseRunner' informaiton etc...)?