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2 years ago

Import and test a Post API in Ready API using x-www-form-urlencoded content type

Hi - I'm fairly new to API testing.  I hope the following explains the goal, challenges and expected outcomes.  


API Request

  Post API

  Content Type = application/x-www-form-urlencoded

  Current project exists in postman

  API Request consists of key-value pair of:  analysisRequest : { json formatted field : value }

    Multiple fields and data points are provided in the request. 

  Validation consists of a subscription key in the header.  


Post API Response is json format.  Multiple fields are returned in the response.  


Goals are:

- Import project into Ready API. 

  - I installed the Postman plug in.  

   - Imported the API project. 


After importing, when I try running the API request/response, I receive the following:

  - With Media Type = application/json - Receive an 'Error 400 can not deserialize...'. 

  - Media Type = application/ww-form-urlencoded returns no error or reponse.  


Goals include:

1. Import and have the API request working successfully. 

2.  After step 1, then enter variables in the API request from a source file to test multiple data points.  I plan to use the data source, data sink and loop steps for testing multiple records.  I have hopes that I can set this up given I've done it before. 


I'm glad to share what I can as to screenshots or API details.  

Thank you in advance. 



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