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6 years ago

Ideas for new topics – API Summer 2018

Hello Community,


We are in the midst of our API Summer 2018 challenge, and you have got a new task this week – to create the biggest number of topics to win prizes from SmartBear.


So, a question may arise - what if I’m good at working with API and rarely face issues or questions I could ask on the forums? The answer is simple – share your knowledge with others!


Our forums are not only for people who face an issue or ask for assistance, it is also a good place to share your experience, discuss industry trends, and find new or even unexpected tips you could use for your tasks.


Have you found an interesting approach to making ReadyAPI and SCC work together? Do you use an interesting template for your reports? Describe this for us by posting a topic on the SoapUI Pro forum. Also, you are welcome to share your Groovy scripts that you use on a regular basis and that save a lot of your time, any How To samples, useful plugins, etc. The Community is looking forward to seeing your solutions ;)


So, the more you share, the closer you are to the top of the leaderboard. Get a gift card from SmartBear for sharing your knowledge!


I’m looking forward to seeing our first winners in July!


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