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4 years ago

I want to save JSON request and response in shared drive using groovy script.

Hi All,


I have requirement like, JSON request and response files need to be saved in the shared location. Currently able to save all the testcases requests/responses in the local folder using groovy. Is there way to save the same in shared location. 



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      Hi joe,

      Thanks for your reply. We are trying to save the JSON requests and
      responses using groovy script. Now, we are able to save the
      requests/response in our local folder. But we are trying to find is there
      any way to save them using a groovy script in our project folder.

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        Thanks for the extra info. Where is the Project folder located? Is there a reason that it's more difficult to save it in this location than locally?

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    Thorough not sure how you are currently saving the requests and responses, you could map or mount the shared location to your drive and use that.
    For example //shared/data can be mapped to local z / y drive(it can be any name) and write there what is the issue unless the location is hard coded. You can use a project property for the location as it can change on computer.

    Another approach can be write a batch script to copy once execution is completed.