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10 months ago

How to transfer entire json object from one response to another request?

How to use property expansion to set entire json object into new request from previous response?

I am currently testing graphql endpoints.
I am passing excel sheet with id's and using data source to read it  and then pass it into graphql request variables.
I am getting Json object as response in the format as 



 "data": {
     "QueryTemp" : [{
         "Name": "TestData"



I want to use this response into query variable of another graphql request that performs mutation operation.

Currently I am using 



  "input" : ${my-first-gql-request#Response#$['data']['QueryTemp'][0]}



But, this is not working.
Please help me with this.


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    Where did you use



    and what is it returning?

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      I used this in my query variables like

          "input": ${my-first-gql-request#Response#$['data']['QueryTemp'][0]}