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8 years ago

How to set the SSL keystore on VirtServer?

Hi all,   I configure Virts on Windows using R!A. I deploy the Virt on the VirtServer running on Linux. The Virts receive request over https. I managed to set the keystore on my local Virt. But af...
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    8 years ago



    You need to create or copy the keystore to the Linux system where you are running the VirtServer. Then you need to update the VirtServer configuration file (<installation-dir>/bin/virt-server.yml). In the config file you need to un-comment the virtSSL section and update the keystore information according to your setting. 


    # SSL configuration for virts
        #virtKeystorePath: /path/.keystore  
        #virtKeystorePassword: keystoreSecret
        #virtKeyPassword: keySecret
        #virtTrustStorePath: /path/.keystore
        #virtTrustStorePassword: trustStoreSecret


    Here you can find more details about VirtServer configuration



    Shadid Chowdhury

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