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11 years ago

How to set multiple 'Endpoint' for Service in 'Environment'?

How to set multiple 'Endpoint' for a Service in 'Environment'?
I have multiple environments with multiple API URLs, so I choose to use 'Environment' with multiple 'REST services' settings.
But one of my environment REST Services has two different authorized Usernames & passwords.
How can maintain that?

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    Specify different Service Endpoints with different username & password, seem not working any while you have 'Environment' settings.
    All the endpoints's username & password are re-wrote by the Endpoint setting in Environment -> REST Services.
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    Thank you for your feature request.
    I've now registered it in our internal system (SOAP-1068) and we'll get back to you as soon as we have more information on this.


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      we have issue on our project. there are 2 endpoints in one test. users dont need authentication. how can we handle this?