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5 years ago

Ready Api- Best way to create a composite project with multiple environment specific endpoints

I want to create a composite project and add to multiple environment specific endpoints and need to add them to the test steps that are located in different test cases.

Please explain to me the best way to do that. Actually, I just want steps in a comprehensive way. I am still new to this tool. Thanks

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    Had never used composite for myself.

    It would be helpful if you can provide more info regarding your use case.
    - How big the APIs?
    - How big your team?
    - What version control do you use?

    With my little knowledge, learned that ReadyAPI stores / organizes the composite projects different from traditional to enable the teams ease and focus on individual members work and push the changes via version control without much hassle.

    Here you can find more details

    Regarding the environments, the pro tool allows to save all the environments with different server details such as Dev, QA, etc., so that different teams can execute the tests easily. However, like richie mentioned, it is possible to achieve the same using custom properties. It all depends on how you prefer.
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    Hi Manijem,

    I've never actually used composite projects before, but the way i handle multiple environments is to create separate project level properties files (after advice from Rao who knows more than i do) for each different environment (each environment had a single project level propert file) and load them in immediately before execution.

    I tried using the Environments functionality but struggled due to peculiarities of my environments.
    Other forum members might advise you to use the Envrionments functionality, i cant comment on that


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      Thanks a lot. Please advise me if anyone has experience. I just want to know the best practices as well. Like don't do's and do's