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5 years ago

How to resolve : MySQLNonTransientConectionException when trying to run a query against MySQL DB

I'm recieving the below error when I run my query against my MySQL DB. The result of this just has max of 4 records. If I run it against my DB client like TOAD or Aquadata, it works perfectly fine. I'm sure this error is because of the SOAPUIPro(Ready API) tool where the connection object might not be properly handled internally and hence its resulting this error. This was running fine for first few runs and then it started to give this error. Has somebody faced this issue and if so, can you please help me as this is frustrating and uts blocking my automated test.



2019-08-01 14:54:16.029 - Error getting response; com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.MySQLNonTransientConnectionException: Too many connections

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