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7 years ago

How to pass XML values in Post Request using DataSource in ReadyAPI



I am using ReadyAPI 2.3 and I am having an issue with DataSource


My POST Request contains following values and I need to pass these values using DataSource, but getting 401 error

while Passing these values in Post Request  using DataSource , but working fine if I keep in body.


Ex. {"address1" : "123 Test St", "address2";"Apt16", "city" : "mycity", "state" : "ZZ"}


My question is...Can I setup these values in DataSource ? If so how can I handle it..?

Even I tried Grid also, still getting 401 statusCode error.


Since there is lot of  address validation, I need to setup DataSource

Can you please tell me how to pass XML values? 


Really appreciated


Thank you




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    Can you show what you did so far? How does your request look? How does your response look?

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    • Created the Project
    • Setup these values in Excel ( "address1" : "123 Test St", "address2";"Apt16", "city" : "mycity", "state" : "ZZ"}
    • Setup DataSource and configured,
    • Did the Get Data and Run the Post method
    • Getting statusCode 401 , but Parameters are passing correctly even though getting error