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6 years ago

How to group large test cases in ReadyAPI

I am using ReadyApi 2.4 I have a large number of test cases under Navigator, i would like to group test cases which is related to particular scenario / application feauture    Is this available i...
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    6 years ago



    I don't know if I'm misunderstanding your issue - the object hierarchy within ReadyAPI! is project >> testsuite >> testcase.


    So I rely on the testsuite object to sort/order related testcases together based on what I'm testing.  I tend to think about this BEFORE I start creating the tests. 


    Typically during my analysis phase, I create a high level design test case spreadsheet with multiple worksheets - each worksheet equates to a feature that's being tested and each feature being tested I equate to a ReadyAPI! testsuite.  Each row in the spreadsheet's worksheet I equate to a test case.....making it easy for someone else to review my high level test cases.


    I've rambled on a bit there - everyone does it differently - you might have a test management tool which represents my high level design test case spreadsheet - but the short answer is - I use the TestSuite object to equate to a 'feature' being tested.  There are no additional levels in the hierarchy I mentioned above (project >> testsuite >> testcase) like sub-testsuite which would allow you to have multiple levels.


    Important to thing to note is that I think  about the hierarchy during my analysis phase, rather than just plugging away in soapui/readyapi! first - makes the analysis phase a little more rigorous and gives you the advantage of not having to try and reorder the testsuites/testcases on the fly.


    I don't know if I've helped at all - but that's the way I do it,






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    6 years ago

    Ok - I cleared everything and reinstalled from scratch and I've got it working.


    it appears that the tagging function just alters the 'view' in the right hand frame (when highlighting the project or testsuite) based on your tagging  (so the 'view' is filtered based on your tag criteria) leaving the view in the Navigator unaltered.


    I read helpful page on tagging  and my understanding of this is that it doesn't alter the test cases displayed in the Navigator frame - but alters the displayed tests in the testuite editor frame.


    Perhaps I'm  misunderstanding - but my inference from the page is that the Navigator content doesn't alter with tagging - only what's displayed in the Project editor or TestSuite editor frames - allowing you to execute specific tests from the whole set within the project.