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6 years ago

How to find wsdl file?

Hi I rescently switshed from SoapUI to ReadyAPI. I have an existing project created with a WSDL file. How can I find the name of the wsdl file in the existing project? In SOAP UI I just double clic...
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    6 years ago

    Hi Magnuss 


    Ok - I couldn't remember myself - been a while since I worked on a SOAP project - so I added a project in via an old .wsdl I had.


    Once you've created the project via the .wsdl file in ReadyAPI!,


    1. Via the menu, click on 'View' and enable the 'Navigator' and 'Properties' frames

    2. Click on the 'Projects' tab at the top of the screen

    3. Click on the newly created project in the 'Navigator' frame

    4. Click down one level in the hierarchy within the 'Navigator' frame on the SOAP service object

    5. View and check the 'Interface Properties' frame - the .wsdl properties are listed there


    see the attached screenshot


    hope this helps,


    nice one,


    richie one level down