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4 years ago

how to do assertion if the response has multiple arrays with single object

how to write assertion if request is a json and response is a json with single array with single object ,and also for multiple arrays with single object?

trying to see if all the fields in request json(input payload) has successfully transformed into required json(output) or not. only thing is i am unable to write assertion since response is single array with single object . can anyone help me with what expression i can use for it?  or any script?














and with multiple arrays with single object? 

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    Hey jaya_kiran,

    Youve kindof lost me. Your title says how to do.assertion if response has multiple arrays with a single object and my amswer would be "just like how you assert on any json!"

    Obviously thats not the answer youre looking for. Can you rephrase your question with example payloads so i can visualise what you want to do please?