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9 years ago

How to create SoapUI NG project from Swagger over HTTPS?

How do I create a SoapUI NG project from Swagger over HTTPS? I tried an see an error message


An error of type SSLHandshakeException occurred. No subject alternative names present


Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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  • Hi,


    we have a potential fix for this but can't be 100% sure unless you can provide us the URL for your swagger definition... would that be possible?





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      Thank you for your reply. I'm using Ready! API 1.5.0 SoapUI NG. I have enabled the preference "Trust the self-signed certificate". However, I cannot create a project from the following Swagger definition.


      Please let me know if this URL is accessible to you. Thanks.

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    Please provide some simplified steps to reproduce the problem.