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6 years ago

How to change a format from symbol to number?

Hi! I have one row,in request, where data is in symol format, i need insert data in another request, but i need plus number. How can i change format, from symbol to number in SoapUI?
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    6 years ago

    Hey ,

    you stated "For example, i have in one request field in char format, i need this data transfer to another request but add some number. For that, i need change from char to varchar. Can i change it in SoapUi?"


    Is this XML or JSON?

    REST or SOAP?

    How are you populating the request with data?  Are you hard coding the data values or are you building the content of the request via say a Datasource?

    If it's .json rather than .xml - datatypes are maintained more visually in .json - so if "3" is considered text, 3 is considered numeric


    so if you had a .json name value pair as follows:


    "attributevalue" : "3"  << the value would be considered text


    "attributevalue" : 3  << the value would be considered numeric


    If the above doesn't help - providing more detail for your use case (consider the questions above and others I haven't specified) can only help people diagnose the issue