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9 years ago

How to Automaticly Start a JMS Virt in SOAP UI NG with ServiceV Pro



I am currently evaluating the ServiceV pro functionality in the ReadyAPI 1.7.0. Somehow i am not able to start a JMS Virt using the Virt Runner Teststep or with the grooy scripting.


When i am using the VirtRunner teststep i cannot select any of my JMS Virts and only start HTTP Virts.

Using the script and call"JMS") (JMS is the name of my JMS Virt) nothing seems to happen. Not even an error message or anything.


Who can help me automaticly start a JMS virt for use in a testscenario/suite.?

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      Hi Joel,


      The snapshot release does indeed fix the issue for calling the virt with the virtrunner step and the groovy script, Thanks for that, this will make the product a lot more usable! the fix does not however seem to fix the virtrunner commandline. "09:18:02,470 WARN [CommandLineVirtRunner] Could not find any virts to run []! Aborting..."


      Will that be fixed as well?



      When I use the testrunner I still get some errors about jarfiles.

      09:32:03,757 ERROR [ConfigDAOImpl] cannot find ../lib/hermes-imq.jar for hermes.ext.imq.ImqAdminFactory


      It seems that I have to add some of them to the path.



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        Oops, we will fix so that JMS Virts will work from the virtrunner commandline. I'll let you know when the maintenance build is available.


        Regarding the error message in the testrunner. I also get those in the log, but the JMS Virt actually starts fine for me. The error comes from the Hermes Library, which is used to connect to JMS engines, but I don't really know why it logs those errors.

  • It seems that the lack of response from SOAP UI support indicates that the product is unable to do this.